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July 6th, 2009 – Paper Shanty with Anna Grace

A Paper Shanty

Our speaker Du Jour this month is Anna Grace, an artist and Art Shanty collaborator working with recycled cardboard to create unique structural environments that make an aesthetic statement in a sustainable (and warm) way. An excerpt from the Art Shanty website ( describes her 2009 project;
We wish to share our belief that paper is no ordinary material; that it can provide extraordinary experiences, tactilely, visually, and most definitely spatially. Not only is our shanty structured of paper tubes; paper is also the unifying element of the project. We wish to extend an invitation to all our guests to be part our creation, and let them in turn create beautiful objects of folded paper (origami). A Paper Shanty exists under the notion that every person is a designer and has the ability to become a part of the art shanty community through participation and activity.

The Birchwood is located at
3311 East 25th Street
Minneapolis MN 55406

You can read more on the project and proccess at