Eco-Arch Guild

Advocating True Sustainability

October 5th, 2009 – Asa Hoyt Metal Sculpture


We will meet in the studio of Metal sculptor Asa Hoyt, an accomplished abstract and functional metalsmith, Asa was on a team of welders who fabricated the Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millenium Park.

The street address is 2010 E. Hennepin Ave (buildings 10 and 11), Minneapolis, MN 55413. Once you arrive, drive to the back of the compound and enter through the door by the dumpsters. After entering, take a right into the loading dock and then a left into the grotto. The Guild will leave markers to help guide your way.

Below is a statement by Asa Hoyt:

“I am a sculptor and environmental artist. I build symbols that encourage
reflection and awareness in the moment of viewing the piece and simultaneous awareness of the history and ideas that make the art objects psychologically potent. Mythology is an important aspect of my sculpture. Handed down from our predecessors, these stories explain mysteries of being. They are vibrant when they resonate deeply with our modern consciousness. I believe sculpture is unique in its ability to use space, both the area that it occupies and the space that surrounds it. Metal has been my favored medium for expression; its ductile strength and malleability provide a broad vocabulary for thinking and building in space and recreating myth in visual form.

I am particularly interested in the creation of space through sculpture,
parks, and architecture, and how this creation can give a neighborhood a
unique identity. Successful sculpture creates a sense of place, a spot
unlike any other that people connect to and retain even after they have
moved far away. In pursuit of this art form I earned fifteen years of
experience as a sculptor, blacksmith, and welder.

Over the last two years I have built a functional artist’s
studio and metal shop in northeast Minneapolis. During this time I began
construction of the Grotto, a sculpture garden converted from industrial
waste space. The Grotto is a sculpture about people moving though and being in the sculpture while examining visual art. It is an effort to sculpt a
social engine of creativity, a physical space where human ingenuity is
nurtured and communicated. The Grotto has become a nexus of creative people seeing art and making connections to build a stronger community of artists and citizens. I would like to extend a warm invitation on Monday night Oct. 5th to come see the Grotto for yourself.”