Eco-Arch Guild

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April 5th, 2010 – Community Garden Project Part 2

Table[1]In the past few weeks, we have been busy contacting local community gardens to identify communities with a need for sculptural structures ranging from seating to gathering space to storage sheds.  Our intent is to engage Guild members in a few hands-on projects this summer, and we will begin formalizing plans at the coming meeting.  Bring your creativity, some paper, pencils and reference materials for a design charette which will seed the work to come. 
These designs will be presented to three of the gardening committees for approval before our May session begins, and from
there we will proceed to planning the built work for construction on site.  We welcome input and energy from everyone, even if you are just jumping into the process now, so be there and be prepared to get your hands dirty!
On Monday, April 5th, convening at our 7:00 pm timeslot, we will again host the Eco-Arch Guild from the West Bank Social Center. The WBSC is located on the West Bank, above the Nomad World Pub at 501 Cedar Avenue South, on the Second Floor (see directions at