Eco-Arch Guild

Advocating True Sustainability

July 6th 2010 – The Great Guild Build

cedarYou know you’ve been down, what with all this economic hardship, environmental catastrophe and political turmoil – but now’s not the time for navel-gazing!  Do something constructive in your community, despite feeling a general malaise and too wrapped up in your own affairs to care, what have you to loose except boredom and fatigue?
Come to Vesper College ( for directions) for the Great Guild Build, when we will finally realize the fruits of months-long labors of LOVE, that’s right, LOVE!  You can experience it too, just bring your HEART and HANDS – leave your poor overworked brain behind.
Work days will be on:
Tuesday, July 6th 6:00-8 or 9pm, maybe later if things are rockin’
Sunday, July 18th 11:00-1 or 3 if you really get into it!
Contact us if you need to partake in the altruism later in the work/play session, so we don’t get swept away without you.
Further work/play dates will be scheduled as needed, the goal being to complete the table/bench fiasco to be installed on site at Snelling/Hamline community garden before the August tour of gardens blowout.